Lunar Oceans of Love

Come dressed up to see over 20 paintings, most of them brand new!
4 PM
7 PM
At its best, art holds something universal, and what is more universal than love?
The intention of the abstract paintings is to pull the viewer into a moment of calm. This prompts a spaciousness to feel, give, and receive love for each other and for the planet.
Through a process that combines hand-press printmaking with intuitive brushstrokes, I channel a deep relationship with the Pacific Ocean, the most moonstruck of all bodies on Earth. Over a decade of meditation practice that attends to the lunar cycle is another core influence in my work. I create a rhythmic grid through layers of texture that complement watery windows and gestures. The color palettes evoke coastal landscapes while geometric forms echo the moon and stars. In this dance between structure and flow, we can find love’s expansion.
On View through April 2023
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Connect the dots

Join us for an art opening with scientist-artist Dr. Una Ryan
5 PM
8 PM